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Our Process

At the Investment Consulting Group, we pride ourselves on a comprehensive, client-centric, planning process. By understanding who you are both personally and financially, we can create a holistic financial plan that aligns with your lifestyle and is tailored to you.

Step 1: Booking a Discovery Call

Step 1: Booking a Discovery Call

Each new relationship begins with a discovery meeting. This introductory meeting lays the foundation for our relationship. First, we work to understand who you are as a person. By listening, we can develop an understanding of your circumstances, aspirations, and goals in the short and long term.

Once we understand who you are personally, we work through the critical questions to grasp how your financial picture integrates into your daily life. Here, we discuss cash flow, cost of living, savings, retirement accounts, and how these factors will play a role as you move into the next phase of your life.

Taking a multi-faceted approach to each introductory meeting enables us to reach a deeper understanding of who you are, and paves the way to our second meeting: analyzing your situation and creating a plan.

Step 2: Analyzing Your Situation and Creating a Plan

Step 2: Analyzing Your Situation and Creating a Plan

Informed by the personal and financial discussions from our introductory meeting, our advisors work to comprehensively analyze your current situation and determine how well you are tracking toward your goals. Our second meeting will help you understand exactly where you stand financially and provide insight on the optimal path forward to achieve your goals.

From an investment perspective, we will assess your current allocation and develop strategies to ensure your investments align with your objectives. We will create a diversified portfolio based on your risk tolerance and time horizon that will work to live your desired life in times of market prosperity and austerity.

Our analysis will provide a plan to address your unique situation and reach your personal objectives. Whether it be saving for college, planning for expenditures, meeting income needs, or preparing your estate, our advisors have helped clients from a wide array of demographics and objectives plan to reach their goals.

Step 3: Reviewing and Implementing Your Plan

Step 3: Reviewing and Implementing Your Plan

After taking the time to understand who you are, analyze your situation, and develop a plan, we will meet with you to provide a proposal and implement our plan. Equipped with industry-leading financial planning tools, our advisors create a formal proposal that boils all facets of your financial situation into a holistic, simple, and actionable plan. Once agreed upon, we will set your plan into motion. 

Implementation is only the beginning of our relationship. Our advisors value periodic meetings with you to address all things financial and any new developments within your personal situation. With this knowledge, we can review your plan and ensure that it continues to meet your current needs while addressing your long-term goals. We emphasize flexibility and consider the proposal we developed together as a living document that can adjust with you through each stage of life and as your financial picture changes.

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Securing your future begins with a single meeting. Our process will let you know where you stand financially and the necessary steps to navigate your financial future.

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