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Judd Allen

Judd Allen

Vice President

Judd Allen, based in the heart of Detroit, MI, is a dedicated Financial Advisor with a unique specialization: serving the automotive industry. Since 2004, Judd has provided invaluable assistance to professionals within this sector, addressing individual needs such as Asset Growth and Preservation, IRA/401k/Pension Planning, and Retirement Income among others. With roots at Leonard and Company in Troy, MI, Judd's expertise is backed by significant experience, particularly during major market shifts. Judd's commitment extends beyond just financial planning; When you work with Judd, the mission is clear – to offer unparalleled financial guidance uniquely crafted for automotive professionals. Inspired by the automotive sector's spirit of innovation, Judd aims to simplify financial complexities, ensuring sustained growth and a prosperous future.

Judd's approach is anchored in personal relationships, seeing his clients not just as customers but as partners on a shared journey. The vision Judd has for his clients is ambitious yet grounded. As the automotive world propels forward into realms of innovation and sustainability, Judd and his team envision themselves as the financial co-pilots ensuring adaptability, stability, and growth. The goal? To establish an unparalleled benchmark in financial advisory tailored exclusively for automotive professionals, from factory workers to executives.

Outside of his professional endeavors, Judd is a devoted father to three sons: Preston, Levi, and Maxwell. An active individual, he cherishes traveling, cooking, entertaining, and cycling. Raised in Suttons Bay, MI, Judd often revisits his childhood haven, sharing the same cherished memories with his sons.

In an ever-evolving automotive landscape, Judd's experience and dedication stand out, making him a trusted ally in navigating financial challenges and aspirations. Whether you're just starting in the industry or have years under your belt, Judd Allen is more than an advisor; he's a partner in driving your financial journey forward.